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Welcome to the RV Beachbum Blog. I set up this Blog and RSS Feed to make it quick and easy for you to get updates and changes to the site.

I will also be posting regular updates on my "Walking My Talk" experiment. Which is my attempt to prove Multi-level Marketing (MLM) works if you work it and is a great way to become financially independent and live the RV Beachbum lifestyle.

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Louvieve - All natural soaps, soaks, salts, scrubs and more...

I've been a fulltime RVer since 1996 but over the last several years, I've been trying to decide how to incorporate my business in my RVing lifestyle.

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RV Related Blogs Recommended By Full-time RVers

Here is a list of RV-related blogs that were recommended by RV full-timers. If you are full-timing or thinking about full-timing you will want to start reading some of these. Many of the bloggers are small business owners working from their RVs. Some have large dogs. Some are families with school age kids. At least one full-timer is in a wheelchair. They are all inspiring and have great info to share.

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Awesome house truck. A whole new level of cool!

What this couple did with an old flatbed truck will blow you away. Too cool for words.

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Promote Your RV-Based Business On Pinterest

If you are running a small business out of your RV, here is a chance to promote it for free.

Just follow the link and post on the RV-Based Businesses Pinterest Board. If you're not already on Pinterest you'll need to set up an account. Don't worry, it only takes a minute and it's free.

Pinterest is a great way to promote a business or website. It's a great way to generate sales as well.

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Fund Raising Was Never This Easy

Imagine fund raising that provides a free form of community outreach while building residual income and your brand as well. Perfect for schools, churches and just about any 501c organization.

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Hand out, for free, RxCut discount cards to people. When they save money you make money. Simple, compact, and RV-friendly.

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Profiles Of RV-Based Businesses

More and more RV full-timers are starting rv-based businesses. Here we profile a few RV entrepreneurs and their businesses.

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Va at Large - Darcel Depweg

I provide Administrative assistance to small businesses and Financial Advisors, consulting, social media marketing, and online training. I have been working

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New Etsy Team for RV Full-timers

There are a lot of RV full-timers selling their handmade items or "vintage" items on Etsy. I've created an Etsy team called "Etsy On Wheels" for us full-timers that are selling on Etsy.

The purpose of the team is to get us full-timers working together to create better results for everyone. Follow the link to learn more and to join the team.

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My New RV-based Etsy Shop

I have just opened a new, RV-based, Etsy shop called A Bum's Booty. I'll be posting regular updates on my progress on the blog page. Follow the link to take a look. I'll be adding a lot of good stuff over the next few weeks.

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Never Too Late To Start The Ultimate Road Trip

Great story of a couple who decided to go full-time.

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Making Money On The Road

Chris and Cherie, AKA Technomadia, are a great source of information. Here they cover earning income while on the road. Good stuff!

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RV Beachbum is now on Pinterest

Take a look at our new Pinterest boards. Lots of good info that's easy and fast to access. We're just getting started but there is already lots of good stuff there. Check it out and follow us if you like what you see.

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Free RV Camping At Casinos

Did you know that all over the country there is free RV camping at casinos. Many casinos throw in some good freebies as well.

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Send Faxes From Your Computer

Hello Bums,HelloFax makes it possible to send and receive faxes from your computer. The first 5 faxes are free. Take a look...

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Selling At Craft Fairs

More and more people are, especially RV full-timers, are earning money by selling at craft fairs and flea markets.

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Health Insurance for RVers

RVer Health Insurance.com (a new RV Beachbum affiliate) can answer all your questions about getting health insurance while full-timing. I don't have personal experience with them but several well respected RV sites have them as an affiliate.

I've had a few questions come up about Obama Care and full-timing, this site has the answers.

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New: The RV Beachbum Shop

Finally! RV Beachbum T-shirts, mugs, bags and other swag featuring the RV Beachbum Logo. We'll have more designs that celebrate the RV lifestyle coming soon.

It's all about Bum Pride. If you're a bum, or working to become one, you are a rare bird. Most folks don't even have a dream, never mind working on one. You do! At the core of that dream is the need to be free and independent. If you see someone flashing the logo, recognize them for the bum they are and say hello. They are a kindered spirit and a rare bird like you.

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Good News For WordPress Users

SiteSell, the creators of SBI!, have developed a plug-in for WordPress users called bizXpress. SBI users have some of the best website building tools available. And now bizXpress makes those tools available to WordPress users. You can try it for free...

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Contest: Design Your Perfect Work From Home Space Contest

Have you created an awesome work space in your RV? Or have an idea for one? Or maybe you just found the perfect set up online and downloaded a picture of it?

SiteSell, the creators of SBI and BizXpress, and the folks who host RV Beachbum.com, are having a contest: Design Your Perfect Work From Home Space Contest. You can find it here: http://bit.ly/1sD162X as well as lots of good work from home (RV) info.

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