Make Money With A Website


You can make money with a website even if you know absolutely nothing about building websites or how income is created with a website.

You can be the guy or gal sitting on the beach in your favorite folding chair.  A slight breeze caresses your skin and brings the smell of ocean to you.  Your RV is parked just a few feet away.  You’re parked so close to the beach you land in sand when you step out of the door. 

A hundred yards beyond the rolling surf you see a flight of pelicans gliding just inches above the surface of the water. 

Your special someone comes up from behind, kisses your neck and hands you a margarita.  “I’m putting the skewers on the Bar-B-Que.  We can eat in a few minutes.  How are your numbers?”

The stats for your website are just a couple clicks away.   You smile and answer, “Not as good as yours but I’m up to fifteen hundred visitors per day.”  A couple more clicks and your smile gets bigger, “We had a good day yesterday.”

Photo On Right:  Working on RV at the marina office.  There is no overnight RV parking at the marina but you can park there all day for free.  FYI, fresh water is available at the boat wash.  It's also free.


If you are living the RV lifestyle or are thinking about living the RV lifestyle, it’s hard to find a small business better suited than owning a website.  And yes, you really can make money with a website even if you don’t know squat about web stuff.  More about that later…

Photo To The Left:  RV Beachbum has been so successful we now have offices all over the U.S and Canada.  Each office is stocked with good coffee, snacks and free wifi.  Just walk in and tell them you're a "bum" and you'll get red carpet treatment.

Want your website?  It boils down to 3 basic steps:

Step 1   Find a niche.  The idea is to find a topic (aka keyword) that is sufficiently broad you have a large enough market but not too broad where you are competing against the big boys.  For example, “fishing” would probably be too broad of a keyword.  If you did a Google search for “fishing” you would get thousands and thousands of search results.  Your little website would probably never show up on a search result.  It would be listed on page 9000 or something.  No one will scroll that far down to ever find you.  Except, perhaps, the IRS or NSA.

You could narrow your topic to “fly fishing” or further down to “river fly fishing”.  If your topic was “fly fishing in Johnson’s Pond”, your reader base would be pretty much limited to just the few folks that fish in Johnson’s Pond.   Your reader base would be too small to support an income producing website.

Photo On The Right:  This is one of our Skookum Canadian offices. (It's not actually in Skookum.  It's in B.C.  In a town called Kamloops.  Skookum, I believe, is the providence next to Algebra)   Once you get past the language barrier it's aboot the same as working in the states, eh. 

Step 2   Build a content-rich site.  Ask yourself, what are my favorite websites and why?  More than likely it’s a combination of things.  The sites are well organized, easy to read, have a good vibe to them, and have plenty of original, useful content.   Content is the key.  If you want more visitors to your site there are lots of ways to build traffic.  But when they get to your site they had better find lots of good content or they won’t come back.

Before you start building a website you should know a little about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  You want to set your site up from the beginning to be search engine friendly.  The better your SEO the faster and more traffic you will get. does a great job of explaining SEO.

 You don’t have to be a great writer to create a successful website.  If you know what you’re talking about and are passionate about it, it will show in the way you write.   Web surfers are looking for information first. 

If you were to build a website about the game of chess you would, most likely, have the rules of the game and a picture of a chess set on your site.  And so would every other site about chess.  That’s okay.  Most visitors would expect to find that.  But where do you go from there?  What separates your chess site from all of the others?  Why would I return to your chess site instead of another site?  The answer, because your site has lots of high quality, original content I can’t find on the other sites.

So how does someone with no website building experience go about building a site today?  My advice is to check out Solo Build It.  Yes, Solo Build It is an RV beachbum affiliate.  Yes, I will earn a small commission if you click on an Solo Build It link on this site and get your website from them.  But I would recommend them, and any of my affiliates, even if they were not affiliates.  RV beachbum would probably not exist without Solo Build It.  The more I learn about what it takes to build a solid, income producing website, the more I appreciate Solo Build It. 

There are a lot of good web hosting companies out there (wordpress is very popular) but they are not doing what Solo Build It is doing.   Shop around and compare.  Remember, you’re going to invest a lot of time in your website.  It will be your small business.  This is not the time to get cheap.  You’re looking for value and performance not price.   You’re looking for the company that can, and will, help you create a successful website.  If you want to speak to me in person about it, fill out a contact us form and give me your contact info. I’ll get back to you asap.

 I will also make this personal pledge:  If you get your Solo Build It site through RV beachbum, I will help you with your site, to the extent I can, if you get stuck or need something explained.  I’m not an expert but I’ll help you if I can.  I would consider it an honor to help you become a bum.

Step 3   Monetize your website.  If you’re going to make money with a website, at some point you will have to set it up to create income.  Please click here to continue reading. 

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