RV Beachbum Affiliates 


If your plan is to make money with your web site, at some point, you will have to monetize it.   Whether it’s just to help with the expense of maintaining the site or financing your RV lifestyle, one of the best ways is with affiliates.   I like affiliate programs, and have them on RV Beachbum , because they create a win-win-win situation.

It works like this, I put a link to a company, Sea eagle for example, on the web site.  When an RV beachbum visitor clicks on the link and buys a boat from Sea Eagle, they pay me a small commission.

It’s good for the visitor because he found something he wanted and helped me out in the process.  Also, the visitor can be a little more confident he’s getting a good product because it’s already been tested and endorsed by me.   Every affiliate on RV Beachbum is a company which products and services I use personally and recommend to my family and friends.  

 It’s good for me because I was able to provide useful info to the visitor and make a little money in exchange. 

It’s good for the affiliate because they got a sale and a new customer they may otherwise have not gotten.

Sea Eagle makes a little less profit on the sale because they had to pay my commission.  But the benefits and potential future sales from the new customer makes up for the smaller profit margin.  The cost of going through RV Beachbum is the same as going directly to the company site.  The customer pays the same amount either way. 


Below you will find every RV Beachbum affiliate.  The banner ads or text links will take you to their web sites.  If you see a link on RV Beachbum, and it’s not listed here, it’s not an affiliate.

Below:  If your plans include making money with a web site, you owe it to yourself to take a good look at SBI.  After watching this video I decided to give SBI a try.  Turned out to be a smart move.  It has worked out great for me.  

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