RV Lifestyle Quiz

The quiz below is meant to give the new or wannabe full-timer an idea of how ready they are to hit the road.  The questions are broad and so the answers can be broad as well.  Most seasoned full-timers will have no problem answering these questions even if the answer starts with, “well, it depends…”.

My advice to the newbie or wannabe full-timer, immerse yourself in everything RV.  Read books, watch videos, talk to experienced RVers, visit web sites and read blogs.  Soon you’ll be able to answer every question below.

1)       What are the different  types of RV?  What are their advantages and disadvantages?

2)      What are the different types of RV camping?

3)      What is the typical price range for staying a night in an RV park?

4)      How many gallons does a typical motorhome  fresh water tank hold?

5)      How long can two people expect  to  boondock  before needing to refill their water tank?

6)      Describe the process for emptying the holding tanks.

7)      What does it mean if you see white streaks  on the windows?

8)      What is Slab City?

9)      What “home states” are popular with RV full-timers?  Why?

10)   Can you tow behind a fifth wheel?

11)   How much might you expect to pay for a new RV refrigerator?

12)   What is Quartzsite?

13)   What is the capacity of a typical RV hot water heater?

14)   What is meant by “diesel pusher”?

15)   Do you need a special license to drive a motorhome?

16)   What are your options for getting WIFI in your RV?

17)   How much do RV tires cost?

18)   What are some of the important things you should look for when checking out a used RV ?

19)   What is the difference between RV insurance and RV full-timer insurance?

20)   Where are good places to park your RV over night for free?

21)   What is work camping?  Workamper?

22)   Besides creating income, why should every full-timer seriously consider running a small business from their RV?

23)   How many Gallons does a typical motorhome  fuel tank hold? 

24)   What kind of gas mileage would you expect from a typical RV or truck pulling a trailer?

25)   What are some of the signs of water damage?

26)   Generally speaking, which type of motorhome do women consider easier to drive, Class A or Class C?

27)   What is “boondocking”?

28)   What is “Escapees”?

29)   What is “Good Sam”

30)   What is a “bum cave”?  (pronounced  BUM KAH VAY)

31)   Where can you get free water to refill your tank?

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