MLM Walking My Talk
Update Aug 10, 2013

MLM Walking My Talk

So far my experiment with Solavei is going ok.  Not great but not bad either.  I set up my first booth at a local flea market but I didn't order proper signage in time.  I ended up making up some dry erase board signs.  I will try a different flea market next time and will have better signs, both in English and Spanish.   Also, I worked the booth alone.  It's better to have at least one other person there to help create excitement, allow for bathroom breaks, and it allows one person to roam the site and talk to folks.  Hopefully I will find a Solavei Member to help me run the next booth.  If not, I'll hire a Task Rabbit to give me a hand.

Now this booth has better signage.  I will do something similar.  I understand that some Solavei Members are setting up displays, like the one the guy is standing behind, inside mom and pop stores and getting good results.  I'll be looking into that soon.

Next on the agenda is to leave fliers door to door at apartment complexes.  I posted an ad on Craigslist to find someone who will distribute the fliers for me.  The response has been great.  It will be a couple of weeks yet before I'm ready to try this.  I'll post on the results.  What I don't understand is why so many people are ready to distribute Solavei fliers for me for a  one-time payment of a few bucks when they could own their own Solavei business, pass out their own fliers and potentially make a lot of money every month. 

Also on the agenda is to start contacting non profit organizations.  Solavei is a great way for nonprofits to create a sustainable fund raiser that creates income every month.  I will start by contacting small, local churches.  Especially those that are involved in projects that help the community.  Like a church that runs a food bank or soup kitchen, for example.


A few Solavei Members have started putting kiosks in shopping malls.  They are reporting good results.  Of course the cost off renting space in a mall is very high.  Way outside of my budget but it could be possible to create a co-op with the folks I've signed up.  This way we could spread the cost out a little.  This is something that is down the road for me.  For now I'll be concentrating on flea market booths, distributing fliers, and just talking with folks.  I'll keep y'all posted.

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