62 In the Right Hand Lane

by Euronn
(Atlanta GA)

THE KEY by Euronn Greene
The keychain that held the little silver key would end three years of being homeless. Having a "mailing address" but no front door key is plain stressful. From swollen legs and feet to high blood pressure.
This Key ends the sleep =less nights in my car, on my friends sofa,or huddled on the edge of a strange bed for the obvious reasons. This Key represents privacy, peace and protection. It affords me a comfort level that is impossible to get at a Wal-Mart parking lot, if you don't have that KEY no matter the reason your person feels... .
Well I've bartered with my art collection for everything from lawnmower and washer/dryer, to the extra $1000 I owed the dentist and my * Pearl (name and color) 2000 Mitsubishi that served for three years not only as transportation but shelter in the time of storms. I've never been able to barter for a KEY to a home before but I have paid my gratitude to the angels crossing and helping my path with an original oil painting or a print from my collection.

Ok. Back to the Future.
Now I get to stick this KEY in my own front door. That is my own front drivers door.... To my very own bartered-for with Fine Art Recreational Vehicle. Homeless no more...no more. Retired at 62 and cruising in the right hand lane finally.. and heading for...oh yea, I am home 😍😍.
Dated 8/16/2016 for the future because I have faith that I will be able to barter for a RV... I mean home...soon.

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